Apr 9, 2017

Adventures in Babysitting.

More drafts queue!

I like working and I like work... for the most part. There can be moments when all jobs can be trying or tiring...

Anyway, I think if you look under the dictionary definition of frustration jobs will be in there somewhere.

In a perfect world we would all win the lottery and never have to work, right?

You know, one time... many years ago. I had a one in 45 chance to win 45 million dollars!

I came up short though (obviously).

At the time, I was working at a very big ad agency and we would normally have a lottery pool. I was going on vacation at the time (I seem to remember those...) and was on my first (and only) trip to the Caribbean but I knew I had better be sure to get my money in for the lottery pool because I knew my luck would be I would be on vacation, NOT put in my money and we would win (or the people who put in would win rather).

Sure enough when I got back, what happpened?

We won!

Well, we didn’t win a lot but it was a 44 million jackpot and as a friend described it to me, he had been watching the drawing when the first five numbers that came up were numbers that we had!

So there we were down to that last number and it was all that was separating the 20 of us from being millionaires and what happened?

We didn’t get it!


Well, I think we walked away with $50 each from that which was somewhat anticlimatic to say the least.

Still there it was, close (again not horseshoes and hand grenades) to having lots of money.

I still think I‘ve got that big lottery win in my future, hope it comes up soon!

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